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Welcome to PCB Consumables

We are an authorized distributor for various manufacturers from USA, Europe and Taiwan. We have been in business since 1989. We have offices across India to cater to both PCB manufacturers and Electronic Contract Manufacturers (CEM).



PCB Industry

We represent Rigid and Flex Copper Clad Laminates, DFPR Dry film, Copper Foil, PISM Ink, Back-up boards for Drilling and Routing, multilayer Tooling related materials, PROMEX touch-up pens and many more consumables.


Contract manufacturing

We supply electronic components, connectors, adhesives, conformal coating films, tapes and all types consumables. For Medical, Industrial and Automotive Verticals.



Now you don’t have to throw away your finishes PCB’s for “opens”, they can be re-worked very easily, reliably, quickly and cost effectively.


Innovative, high-performing thick film materials for flexible, rigid and hybrid substrates

Products Families:
  • Hybrid Circuit Materials
  • Passive Component Materials
  • Low-temp Co-fired Ceramic Materials
  • Printed Electronic Materials

About US

High Quality

All the manufacturers we represent, are Tier-1 manufacturers in their respective products. All are well established and seasoned multinationals. Everybody has ISO certification and additional certifications for Automotive, Mil Spec and Aerospace. All manufacturers have presence in matured markets like USA, Taiwan, Germany, and China.


As we are promoting these products in India, we understand the competitive dynamics Indian customers face in the Asia-pacific region. Cognizant of the Chinese competition, our principals are allowing us to price the products in such a way, so India can compete with the big Elephant in the region. In case of issues, we can always go back to our principals for project specific pricing.


We have multiple locations across India. Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. We hope to stock all our products locally, provided we have good visibility or projections. And we hope the government regulations permit us to do that without incurring duties.


Trained Sales Force

All our team members are well trained across the full range of our offering. They have been factory trained. Of course occasionally you will stump us, through consultation and collaboration with the manufacturers we can definitely address all your concerns.